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batonga nongo basket

The Masculine

The Masculine is the curation of considered gifting ideas that focuses on practicality and activity. The criterion for this edition explores adventure, play and action with subtle attention to aesthetic detail.  

alessi - plissé electric kettle - designer michele de lucchi - white

The Wedding

The Wedding is a selection of pieces for that special day, a day that celebrates unconditional love and endless time, foreverness. These pieces create a considered offering that will make the perfect addition to the homes and spaces of two people about to bind their lives together with love. 
beloa hat - natural


Wear is a collection of those precious every day, every way and every wear items. etienne offers clients a highly considered range of apparel, bags and accessories sourced from suppliers whom are the finest in the industry. These pieces encompass a highly considered approach to design, focusing particularly on manufacture, quality, materiality and durability.