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almonte floor rug - oyster - PRE ORDER FOR DECEMBER

Floor Coverings

A focal point for etienne when dressing the home is to create warmth through elements that have strong tactile qualities, like, texture, form and hue. An etienne product category that caters to creating an emotive quality in the home is floor coverings. etienne offers floor coverings woven in all fabrications appropriate for all rooms. Enjoy bringing artwork to the feet of your loved ones.

robert pinto - still life terracotta canvas - 50cm x 40cm

Furniture - Lighting & Art

‘Forever’ is etienne's key criterion for sourcing furniture, lighting and artworks for clients. etienne offers an eclectic collection that we believe will be cherished, made a feature and eventually passed down. There is great context in each piece available in Furniture - Lighting - Art, and it’s the small or immense histories in each, that make the etienne collection so distinctive.

gift voucher

Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for that someone special, to select the perfect gift, for themselves.
ribbed infinity vase - snow


House is a selection of products that promote a clean, organised and well managed home. The chores and tasks that are often considered mundane become more exciting with these items that focus on sustainability, aroma, specialised ingredients and aesthetic.

kirstin ash texture hoops - small - gold - set


The Jewellery collection offering is a carefully curated selection of precious pieces from local and international  designers. etienne sources jewellery that is timeless, unique and highly conceptual, that will be cherished and forever sentimental. 

eva solo - green tool - burger press

Kitchen & Table

Kitchen and Table is etienne’s selection of serving ware that will assist in the art of hosting, entertaining and dining. These unique pieces have been chosen for their originality, unconventionality, and timeless purpose that will make the special rituals of breaking bread, sharing wine and cutting cake that much more enjoyable.

robert pinto - still life terracotta canvas - 50cm x 40cm


etienne’s Library offers inspiration, expansive learning, sharing knowledge and encourages ones desire to delve into topics that revolve around art, architecture, culture, cooking and design.

lucy folk - anchovy ring - sterling silver

Lucy Folk

Goldsmith by trade, Founder and Creative Director Lucy Folk has made a name for herself with designs that are distinctly colourful, eclectic and sophisticated. A nomadic lifestyle brand, Folk’s handmade jewels, Italian made eyewear, accessories and resort apparel are inspired by a voracious appetite for travel and cuisine, art and wellbeing, and an endless summer.
Lucy Folk is all about a unique aesthetic, superior craftsmanship, and an unconventional creativity.