aesop hand care - resurrection hand balm


Aesop is one of etienne’s fundamental apothecary brands. The Aesop approach to skin, hair and body is thorough, as the company meticulously investigates and selects ingredients that have specific purposes to aid, soothe and care for different skin and hair types. The Aesop approach goes beyond traditional body care; the company is affiliated with aligning creative industries, such as, design, architecture and the arts. Their support and contribution to these industries makes them a multi faceted company, continuously inspiring. etienne is honoured to house the Aesop body care range exclusively in the bricks and mortar store. For more information about our Aesop offering, please contact us, 0406 231 023.

planet luxe -  freshen up spray


etienne's Apothecary edit is an intimate and thoughtfully selected product offering. This selection is about providing the finest accessories and products for hair, face and body, products that will assist in creating nourishing and therapeutic routines and rituals.  

maud n lil comforter - pink

Baby & Child

In the Baby & Child select, etienne offers a highly considered range of toys, body care, clothing and soft furnishing products chosen to create comfort, learning, engagement and connection for both our clients and their precious cargo.


in bed linen - pillowcase khaki


The Bedroom is the place of rest, relaxation and ultimately slumber, etienne selects products that create a calming and peaceful environment. These items will assist and encourage rejuvenation for the mind and body.  

earth bowl - large burgundy

Dinosaur Designs

Dinosaur Designs is a quintessential Australian homewares and accessories label that has created an aesthetic revolving around colour, texture and form, wholly unique and identifiable to them. We at Etienne, are so delighted to house Dinosaur Designs, as they have been one of our key labels since our establishment in 2010. The aesthetic and ethos of Dinosaur Designs aligns seamlessly with etienne’s own, and we are forever inspired and excited by their new collections, season after season.

utopia goods - fabric imperial waratah indigo


Etienne shares with clients a curation of fabrics that have been designed by extraordinary textile artists. The ideas and processes behind the collections of cloth are rich in technique and aesthetic beauty; these are specially chosen designs that will add tactile sentiment to the home.

console - elm

Furniture & Lighting

‘Forever’ is etienne's key criterion for sourcing furniture and lighting for clients. etienne offers an eclectic collection that we believe will be cherished, made a feature and eventually passed down. There is great context in each piece available in Furniture & Lighting, and it’s the small or immense histories in each, that make the etienne collection so distinctive.

gabrielle penfold -  'the three graces'


etienne is currently showing

Gabrielle Penfold's collection titled, 'Summers End. Nymphs, Sirens and Venus'. Gabrielle Penfold is a contemporary artist who works across different mediums, favouring oil paint and clay. Gabrielle is an intrepid traveller particularly to places that are off the beaten track, which inspires her work. This Body of works was inspired by a Mythology encyclopaedia that was gifted from her mother.