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Unikko Scented Candle

Unikko Scented Candle

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Marimekko’s scented candle Spring Forest has been cast into an A-quality Oiva coffee cup, which has been given a new life as a candle. After the candle has burned away, you can reuse the cup as you like, for instance as a tealight holder or as a small storage jar. The scented candle is decorated with a black and white Unikko pattern, and it has a cork lid with a Marimekko logo.

The Unikko pattern came about in 1964 after Armi Ratia, the founder of Marimekko, had announced in public that no floral fabrics are designed at Marimekko. Maija Isola did not accept rules or restrictions and designed in protest a complete collection of bold floral patterns: Unikko, a Finnish word that means poppy. Today, Unikko is one of Marimekko's best-known patterns and is recognised worldwide.

Height: 7 cm
Diameter: 7.5 cm
Capacity: 2 dl

MaterialCup: ceramic
Lid: cork
Candle: 35% paraffin, 19% stearin, 45% food grade coconut oil, 1% fragrance oils

Care instructions:
The cup is safe for dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer. The lid should be washed by hand.

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