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Salad Meals | Emily Ezekiel

Salad Meals | Emily Ezekiel

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Salad Meals shows you how to eat the rainbow of fruit and vegetables throughout the year with delicious and all-around satisfying meals that are more sustainable to shop for and better for your overall health.

Salad Meals, Emily Ezekiel elevates the humble salad into a dish worthy of being the centrepiece at any table. Organised by season, Salad Meals proves that salads are versatile enough to be both hearty main dishes such as Steak Frites Salad, Kimchi Noodle Salad, and Wild Mushroom Salad and vibrant side dishes like Summer Tomato Salad and Raw Rainbow Chop Salad. Fruit-forward salads like Summer Fruit Salad with Coffee Mascarpone and Toasted Oat Citrus Salad are a delicious stand-in for dessert and make a perfect end to any meal.
Ezekiel reimagines salads with recipes for salad boards, a playful riff on snack and charcuterie boards, as well as portable jarred salads that readers can dress at their desks on busy workdays. These recipes are both approachable and adaptable, featuring easy substitutions for those looking for vegan or vegetarian options.

Whether you’re a salad aficionado looking for some new inspiration or a salad newbie eager to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, 
Salad Meals is a comprehensive resource for healthy, satisfying recipes that will please any reader.


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