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Principles of Style | Sarah Andrews

Principles of Style | Sarah Andrews

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Principles of Style aims to be a timeless learning tool for readers, no matter their own personal style, with Sarah revealing many of the ideas, tips and skills she has accumulated along the way. She does this by examining some of her key projects and favourite rooms, as well as by focusing on her ten rules of styling, formulated both through hands-on experience and studies in the science of design. Sarah believes that everyone has the ability to create interiors that are right for them; in this inspiring and eminently practical book, she aims to demonstrate just how to do so.

About the Author
Sarah Andrews has an unusual background in design, having initially studied spatial sciences at university before working for a large engineering company in London. While successful in her professional life, she was ultimately unfulfilled, and went back to university to follow her passion – design. Almost immediately, she found strong links between her scientific studies and design, and has used that knowledge to inform her work on designing interiors.

A keen sailor, she found the dry land equivalent of a boat in Captains Rest, an unpretentious shack she renovated in a remote part of the Tasmanian west coast, which has gone on to be globally iconic. Since then, Sarah has styled and decorated a number of other houses and businesses for clients. She also runs her styling and hosting school internationally – this has produced an enormous number of successful students, whose work has appeared in many of the world’s best publications.

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