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New Coastal | Ingrid Weir

New Coastal | Ingrid Weir

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Dreaming of life by the ocean? New Coastal: Inspiration for a Life by the Sea​, the sequel to Ingrid Weir’s celebrated book, New Rural, takes you on an epic voyage around Australia and the USA.

This beautiful, photo-filled hardback serves as an inspiration and compass for life lived by the sea, in chapters including Remote Coastal, Bohemian Coastal and City Coastal. Written and photographed by interior designer Weir, the pages transport you to coastal towns both near and far, from Esperance, King Island and The Bay of Fires in Australia to Montauk, Malibu and Laguna Beach in the USA.

Ship captains, artists, poets and pirates have long been drawn to the life of the sea. In 
New Coastal, we meet the modern-day incarnations of these renegade spirits – including musician Daimon Downey, actor Lukas Haas and actress Matilda Brown – who have crafted original and authentic lives animated by the freedom of the ocean. Travelling from a romantic boathouse to a veranda overlooking the water and a bonfire picnic on the beach, Weir also shows how to create the coastal look for yourself, no matter where you live.

Combining rustic charm with warm modernism, 
New Coastal takes you on an adventure to refresh your soul.

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