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green kitchen smoothies – david frenkiel & luise vindahl

green kitchen smoothies – david frenkiel & luise vindahl

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Delicious smoothies from the authors behind the award-winning and hugely popular blog Green Kitchen Stories.

Bestselling authors David and Luise now share their top smoothie recipes, as well as some new and exciting ideas. The book is divided into simple smoothies, post-workout favorites, breakfast ideas, energizers, desserts, and more. David and Luise also reveal their recipes for nut milks and butters, granola, muesli, as well as their favorite juices, which can be added to the recipes. Recipes include the Green Bowl, Sleeping-in Smoothie, Green Stamina Workout, the Warm Smoothie, and Apple Pie in a Glass.

This is no run-of-the mill smoothie book. For anyone reluctant to switch to a purely liquid breakfast, there are snacks to go along with them. And for any Nutribullet experts who are looking for some new ideas, this is the perfect book.

About the Author:
David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl are the faces behind the hugelysuccessful blog, Green Kitchen Stories, winner of the Saveur BestSpecial Diets Blog in 2013. Luise is the happy health freak with apassion for developing wheat-free and sugar-free recipes and David isthe photographer and design-eye behind their work. This is their thirdbook.

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