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Travertine Column Tray | Round

Travertine Column Tray | Round

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With the timeless pillar look leg design, the Column Tray is a perfect highlight to any room. Crafted from high quality natural stone, this tray could be used as a table organizer for perfumes, makeup, jewellery or candle arrangements.

Craft from natural stone, each piece's pattern may vary.


Length: 18cm
Width: 12cm
Height: 11cm

Natural Stone

Care Tips:
Clean with dry or wet cloth without chemical cleaner. Please avoid anything containing oils, acids and strong pigments, that can cause some slight marking or discoloration over time.

Black Blaze was established in 2016 by Joe and Ray and is headquartered in Sydney. Their objective is to encourage exploration of scent using raw, Australian-inspired ingredients. They travel, investigate and bottle the smell of our favourite places around Australia.

The name Black Blaze is inspired by the Australian-native wildflower, the banksia.
In the warmer months, Australia experiences back-burning and bushfires. After a fire, something grows from the black blaze left behind - the banksia.

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