Almost Maude designed by Chloe Kerr

Artist Bio:

Almost Maude is the brand of conceptual designer Chloe Kerr who, after spending many years living and working in Paris and London, has returned to Australia to continue her creative endeavours locally. 

Almost Maude considers the act of making a spiritual endeavour and acknowledges and respects the living energy and history of each garment that is lovingly produced by the brand. We believe the customer is an important part of the creative process and wish to involve them in this effort as much as possible. In addition we are conscious of our existence beyond fashion and consider our impact on our planet which we call home. We strive to achieve more meaning and less stuff.

The Double Slit collection of scarves are made from 100% Merino Wool and have a completely trackable supply chain from wool farmed in Tasmania, spun and dyed in Italy, manufactured in Victoria and finally sent to the studio based on Gadigal Land (Sydney, Australia).