Stanilas Piechaczek

Etienne is thrilled to be exhibiting a collection by the French born artist,  Stanilas Piechaczek.

About the artist:

Currently residing in Australia, he creates colourful abstract worlds occupied by objects and characters. His work is created by a complex depth of layers of acrylic and pastel.

Stan continues to experiment with his art from which he draws much pleasure and his style evolves to reflect himself as he is inspired by all that surrounds him, his life and his journey.

Stan has participated on numerous solo exhibitions in Australia and was recently selected as a finalist for the Clayton Utz Art Award.

'La Chaise', 105 x 95

'Naughty Submarine', 105 x 95

'Potato Phone Head', 105 x 95

'Bubble Boom', 105 x 95

'David Splashed 11 Palm Drive', 105 x 95

In the Studio with Stanilas