Irene von Budewitz - SALA

‘Unset Jewel Upon The Tender Night'

I was born, a long time ago, in the high country of Namibia and spent early years in a little coastal, desert town called Luderitz. 
As a child I saw a lot of Namibia. I was able to experience many magnificent, beautiful places.
This lives in me, deeply carved into my internal landscape, a path well travelled and loved. 
Australia is my home now. I am nourished and inspired by its beauty.

May you find pleasure in my work and allow it to take flight in your imagination!
Love and thanks, Irene.

About the works:

Each of my pieces have a story. 

I have named the exhibition “ Unset Jewel upon the Tender Night” after a poem by the Sufi Mystic Hafiz, as your own stories will emerge with the story of the vessel.

A fascination with early firings has led me to adapt some techniques that lend themselves to our local conditions, by using seaweed, sawdust and cow dung to attain certain effects.

Firings are done in my back garden, either in a pit, or in my home built Raku kiln, made out of a 44 gallon drum.

‘sealskin soulskin’ raku vessel

‘vine lovers’ raku vessel

‘circle game’ raku vessel

‘seed pod' raku vessel

‘below the ocean’ pit fire

‘after the fire’ pit fire

‘seed pod’ pit fire

‘riverbank’ pit fire

‘big bird’ pit fire

‘below the ocean’ pit fire

‘creation stories’ raku vessel

‘seed pod’ raku vessel

‘i pick the best ones for my unicorn’ raku vase

‘the distance between us’ raku vase

‘many forms of you’’ pit fire

‘waiting possibilities’ pit fire