Olivia Ebert - 'Sunday, Monday'

For SALA 2016, Olivia creates a body of works that are a depiction of her week, reminiscent of the hours spent from Monday through till Sunday. ‘Sunday Monday’ is a recount of events, expressed through sporadic and spontaneous colour, texture and shape.

Olivia's comments about the artwork:

'on sunday’s and monday’s i work out, cook a new dinner recipe for the family, and i paint. i am the opposite of how people would typically spend a sunday, and i never dread monday’s. these are my creative days where i can spend my time immersed with paint and colour, exercise my creativity, and articulate abstract thought from my soul and my world into life on canvas.

'sunday monday' is a varied collection of works; i really just paint what’s in my head, often resulting in me either hoping for a spontaneous outcome and loving it, or my painstaking perfectionist mentality will have me agonising for hours until it's exactly how i want it to be.

my life & work-life consists of colour, design and creativity & it is through this that inspires & drives my artwork. i draw inspiration from my travels, the city scape, nature, fashion and textiles, architecture and buildings. my complete fascination and love of colour, textures and design trends constantly inspires me too, as it surrounds us in everyday life.
so here it is, my SALA’16 exhibition titled ‘sunday monday’ unveils my most recent works; highly considered, spontaneous & everything in between.. everything that has happened on a sunday and monday.'


'Street Talk', 1200 x 900

'Lovers Garden', 1000 x 1000

'Passion Pop', 900 x 700

'Winter Sky', 1200 x 900