Olivia Ebert - 'Alive' - SALA

For SALA 2019 Liv creates a body of works that use colour and texture to depict situational moments that spontaneously evokes renewed energy that simply makes us feel alive. Viewing Liv's works, one will find themselves in a trance-like state, getting lost in the abundance of colour and her brushwork that is intrinsic to her but will conjure in viewers a myriad of emotions. Emotions that are a gentle reminder of how beautiful it is to not just be, but to really feel 'Alive'. 

About the works:

ALIVE - a collection of works taking on the form of abstraction using paint to create marks that explore earthy notions of landscape and shape. Through emotive use of tone and colour, my pieces capture those transcendent and universal moments that make us simply feel alive.

'colour my world', 31 x 26

'dance with the stars', 31 x 26

'time to shine', 31 x 26

'in the nude', 50 x 50

'affogato', 90 x 90

'head over hills', 50 x 50

'good vibes', 50 x 50

'golden hour I', 50 x 50

'golden hour II', 100 x 100

'late night poetry', 90 x 90

'on the rocks', 50 x 50

'sunday driving', 50 x 50

'make me blush', 60 x 90

'flirty', 50 x 50

'wake the soul', 50 x 50

'meet me here', 60 x 90