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Claire Foord, Awaken, 2018

Olivia Ebert, Liv, 2018

Olivia Ebert, Kilim Haze, 2018

Lisa Temple, Home Works, 2018

Emma Hack, Colour Lust, 2017

Stanilas Piechaczek, Works, 2017

Vicky Kerr, Floral Alchemy, 2016

Olivia Ebert, Sunday Monday, 2016

Marcia Burnett, Birds, Herds and Curbs, 2016

Annabel Lapsys, My World Through New Eyes, 2016

Olivia Ebert, A Glimpse of India, 2015

Maggie Cecchin, Works, 2015

Ali Lamu, When Fish Stop Biting, 2015

Maggie Cecchin, Day Dreaming, 2015

Jessie Brakewell, Mouse Catcher, 2014

Olivia Ebert, Liv in Colour, 2014

Claire Foord, Nostalgia, 2013

Claire Foord, La Femme Et Homme, 2012

Jacob Logos, The Shadow Show, 2011

Jacob Logos, Round Abouts, 2011