Lise Temple

Etienne introduces Lise Temple, a South Australian Contemporary Artist.

About the artist:

Lise has been making art for over fifteen years and became a full-time, professional artist in 2005. Her art practice encompasses a diverse range of subjects, mainly executed in oils. Lise moves between degrees of abstraction, producing works of pure abstraction through to realism, and between.

She is best known for her abstract landscapes, a series inspired by the colours, contrasting light and broad shapes of the agricultural landscape. However her other abstract and realist works are an integral part of her process. The representational and abstract works feed into each other; in both she attempts to capture the complexity of natural forms. The textures, colours and patterns of nature constantly influence the work.

'Interior Arrangement', 840 x 1020 

'Looking Out With Time ll', 1120 x 1220

'The Open Room', 1060 x 1220

'Looking Out With Time lV', 1120 x 1220

'Childs Play ll', 1120 x 1220

Lise at work