Barry Magazinovic - Cella Collection

Barry Magazinovic
Drawing inspiration from the beautiful forms found in nature, he uses a combination of organic curves interwoven with geometric patterns to produce objects with depth and intensity. The result is pure visual pleasure.
Often defying categorisation, the work straddles the boundaries of design, art and installation. 
He welcomes you to pause, be overcome and let your imagination run wild.
Autumn Sunrise
Reflecting those beautiful moments in nature often overlooked.  Forming a reconnection with the natural beauty around us in a bid to overcome an ever isolating modern world.
Capturing the wonder and glow of first light moving across a rolling landscape.  
Autumn Sunrise creates a reference point, a chance to right ourselves, areminder to pause, look around and digest deeper thought. A dawn of new beginnings. The Autumn Sunrise is assembled by hand from over 800 parts that lock and slot together, slowly developing into the desired form.  
Cella Collection

The culmination of an investigation into the very essence of life. A bold interpretation of the building blocks that make up our very existence.  Individually weak and limited but grouped together we become strong, with infinite possibilities. 

The Cella Collection explores the projection and symmetry of the micro into the macro. Life, growth, togetherness. The possibility of a better future. Ultimately, a narrative of hope.

Assembled by hand from over 800 parts. Each sculpture contains a combination of three colours that lock and slot together, slowly developing into the desired form.  This process very much mirrors themes of growth in nature that originally inspired the collection.

Cella Collection

Lucent Dreams

Deep Blue


Autumn Sunrise



Autumn Sunrise Lamp