Natalya Boujenko - Artist

Artist Bio:

Natalya is attracted to exploring form and colour found in nature, and the infinite transformation of the subject matter
brought about by different light settings and the viewing frame. Looking at objects in close detail or from a new lens shows
the world anew and never staid. Natalya explores different mediums and techniques including sculpture and photography,
but painting and drawing are her greatest passions. The tools of her art vary from the finest bristle to using a whittled stick
or plant anthers, and she always strives to capture the feel of her subject and translate this to the viewer.

"White Rhino"

"Purple Sublime"


"Dryandra" - SOLD


"Orange Protea"



 "Dancing Banksias"


"Lemon Cut"


"Heritage Tomato Stack"


"Tomatoes on a Vine"