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Pillar Candle Wide | Black

Pillar Candle Wide | Black

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The Wide Column Pillar Candle is made from a single piece of plant-derived wax, the Wide Column Pillar candle is reminiscent of ancient Roman architecture. The Wide Column Pillar Candle looks incredible in the Fountain Brass Candles holder, or style them on your coffee table or sideboard on their own!

Please note that the colours of the Wide Pillar are slightly darker than the regular Pillar candle.


Height: 15cm
Candle diameter: 50mm

Burn Time:
2-3 hours

Plant-based wax

Candle Tips:
The Column Pillar candles drip when burning. Use a flat plate or candle dish when burning. If the wax is dripping too much, blow out the candle and wait until the wax has slightly solidified. Then scoop up the wax and place it back on the candle, blocking the leak holes. Wait until the wax has completely hardened, trim the wick and relight. This will increase the burning time.

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