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Repertoire | Alice Hart

Repertoire | Alice Hart

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A fuss-free collection of recipes suitable for every occasion, from weeknight staples to celebration dishes - making vegetables the star of every dish.

For anyone who loves vegetables, Repertoire will undoubtedly become a heavily thumbed and sauce-spattered book, sitting in the kitchen to be consulted often or flicked through for inspiration.

Alice Hart shares over 90 or her gutsiest, most flavourful vegetarian recipes to celebrate vegetables and make them the star of every dish. From brunches that are just as good for supper to characterful sides that can double as mains and an entire chapter of sauces to add true oomph to your kitchen, this is a real mix and match affair that will have you cooking with confidence.

Repertoire is a compilation of greatest hits, designed to be the ultimate vegetarian cookbook for your kitchen: a complete collection of modern classics, future classics and 'signature' dishes for every occasion.

A Leith's-trained chef with over 20 years' experience in the food industry and a former food editor of the seminal Waitrose Food Illustrated Magazine, Alice Hart has authored many successful cookery books, including Alice's Cookbook, Friends at my Table and The New Vegetarian, of which Nigella Lawson wrote 'I feel I could cook from this book every night and have the perfect supper on the table daily'. Alice writes regularly for numerous publications, including the New York Times, the Guardian,The Times, the Telegraph, Olive, Delicious and many more. Drawing on her original degree in physiology, Alice is about to complete a masters (MSc) in applied sports nutrition. She lives in Brighton.

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