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Mr Clownfish, Miss Anemone & the Hermit Crab | Sean Avery

Mr Clownfish, Miss Anemone & the Hermit Crab | Sean Avery

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Mr Clownfish and Miss Anemone are inseparable. She uses her tentacles to protect him from big fish, and he brings her small delicious sea morsels. When Miss Anemone meets the Hermit Crab, Mr Clownfish must learn how to share his friend.

About the Author
Sean E Avery is a teacher, writer-illustrator, sculptor and designer born in South Africa; living in Perth, Western Australia. Locally, he's best known as the writer-illustrator of well-loved children's picture books, All Monkeys Love Bananas and Harold and Grace published by Fremantle Press. Sean's first picture book with Walker Books Australia, Frank's Red Hat, has been published internationally and is receiving award attention.

Audience: Children
Language: English
Dimensions: 25.5 x 25  x 1

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