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Linen Quilt Cover | Yellow Stripe | Q/K

Linen Quilt Cover | Yellow Stripe | Q/K

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Experience the perfect blend of warmth and luxury with this double-sided Quilt in Yellow Stripes & Summer Floral, crafted with 100% French linen on the outside and organic cotton on the inside. OEKO-TEX certified, they are ideal for layering in colder months, cozying up on the couch, or as a lightweight summer blanket. 
These Quilts are fully machine washable and designed as an all-in-one blanket with a non-removable case - providing a streamlined, hassle-free bedding experience. The outer linen layer offers a light, soft texture, while the organic cotton interior enhances comfort and breathability. 

240 x 260 cm 
Fits both a queen +king bed
1.5 cm thick

Composition + Care:
100% European French Flax
Wash prior to use
Wash linen in warm water on a gentle cycle with similar colours and fabrics
No ironing required
We reccomend you line dry, or tumble dry on low setting (do not use a high setting, as this will damage the natural fibre).
Do not bleach, dry clean or use harsh detergents
Avoid direct sun for a prolonged period, as natural fibres are susceptible to sun bleaching.
Do not leave wet sheets to dry on wood, as this could lead to stains.

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