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Complete Mediterranean | The Coastal Kitchen

Complete Mediterranean | The Coastal Kitchen

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Influenced by the many and varied cultures of the region, Mediterranean food is a delightful fusion of traditional dishes and bold, contemporary flavors. Bring brightness to your kitchen with Spanakopita, Honey Mustard Salmon, Green Shakshuka, Slow Cooker Cacciatore, and more. With these fresh and innovative recipes, you can savor every bite knowing that each meal you put on the table is both nutritious and delicious.

Inside you'll find:

Over 200 recipes for bold entrees, sauces, sides, pastas, beans, veggies, meats, seafood, salads, and desserts

Stunning, full-color photography

Easy-to-follow instructions that are suitable for all skill levels

Fresh, cost-effective ingredients you can easily find at the storeThe amazing health benefits of this lifestyle

The amazing health benefits of this lifestyle

Build healthy eating habits without sacrificing flavor as you dig into authentic, cross-cultural meals. Live well and eat even better with The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook.

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