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Bloom | Chuanda Tan

Bloom | Chuanda Tan

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Acrylic on Canvas

61 x 76 cm 
Framed size 63.5 x 79.5 cm

April 2024 

Artist Bio:
Chuanda is a Singaporean artist who spent nearly three decades in New York City before recently relocating to the bustling and friendly city of Adelaide.

His artistic journey began at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. It contin- ued with his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the Center for Creative Studies, College of Arts, Detroit, Michigan. Even during his time in New York City, where he worked in branding communications and collaborated with renowned brands such as Dom Peri- gnon, Netjets, The International Center of Photography NY, and Leica, his devotion to illustration remained unwavering. He regularly contributed to fashion magazines ARENA and l'Officiel, and in 2007, Archive Magazine honored him in their list of "100 Best Illustrators".

Chuanda continues pushing the boundaries of his creative prowess. He seeks to capture the intangible elements in an abstract style, allowing people to find their unique responses and interpretations.

THE BEAN SERIES, a captivating exploration of the distinct shape of the bulbous form, blurs the boundaries between the natural world and bodily forms. The curves and shapes of the bean convey an innate beauty akin to human anatomy, fostering an allur- ing and primeval visual connection. The final art seeks forms representing life, growth, and interconnectedness, prompting contemplation about the shared organic essence in the natural world.

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