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Gabrielle Penfold - 'Summers End, Nymphs, Sirens & Venus'

Gabrielle Penfold is a contemporary artist who works across different mediums, favouring oil paint and clay. She studied at Sydney's University of New South Wales COFA, graduating in 2016. Delighting in the simplicity of everyday objects evident in her still life painting and the quirky presentation of seafood and the dinner table. Gabrielle is an intrepid traveller particularly to places that are off the beaten track which inspires her work. This Body of works was inspired by a Mythology encyclopaedia that was gifted from her mother.

'The Three Graces', 42 x 30

'The Minotaur', 42 x 30

'Midsummer with Venus', 35 x 35

'Eos of Dawn', 42 x 30

'Note Estive', 32 x 52

'Moroccan Summer', 32 x 32


'Crescent and the Sirens', 35 x 35 


'Late Night', 40 x 40

'June', 42 x 30

'Edge of Water', 40 x 40